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is it safe to buy amoxicillin online uk

Interest in the health and well-being of the Cacapon River is apparent, as a standing-room-only crowd attended the May 5th meeting of the Friends of the Cacapon River in Capon Bridge. This gathering of river enthusiasts was billed as a fun, social gathering of all who love the river and want to support activities to protect it—which […]

Join Us on May 5th for Our Spring Meeting

Join us on Sunday, May 5 at 3 PM for our spring member gathering at The River House in Capon Bridge, WV.  This a fun, social gathering of all who love and want to protect our river. Come to hear the latest news about the Cacapon River and the activities of the Friends of the […]

Successful Cacapon River Cleanup

We couldn’t be more thankful for the more than 20 people who joined us for our first Cacapon River Cleanup of the year! On Saturday, April 13, these dedicated volunteers worked hard to remove close to 40 bags of trash, 10 tires, and countless other rubbish from the banks of the Cacapon River.  It’s only […]

Cacapon River Cleanup—Volunteer Opportunity

Hands-on, dirty, and gratifying! Roll up your sleeves and help the Friends of the Cacapon River cleanup our river.  Join our passionate volunteers who are working hard this year to keep the Cacapon River beautiful and clean by removing trash, litter, and old tires from our river’s waters.  Our first river cleanup of the year […]

No More Slippery Slope!

Every time we end a float trip at the public river access in Great Cacapon we start dreading dragging our kayaks and canoes up that steep, muddy hill long before our run is finished. Over the years, heavy rains and floods have severely eroded the dirt path down to the river, making getting out of […]

New Friends of the Cacapon River Shirts!

What better way to support our work than grabbing one of our new, awesome shirts. 100% of the proceeds go to protecting the river we all love. They’re super soft and only $25 each.   But why not show even more love for the Cacapon River and donate $100 today—you’ll get a free shirt when […]

Massive Algae Bloom Impairs Recreation on Cacapon River

  Long, stringy, dense, and slimy—there’s not much to like about the massive green algae bloom that’s plaguing the Cacapon River near Yellow Spring in Hampshire County.  This overgrowth of stringy algae, known as filamentous algae, stretches for several river miles. In the summer months, the largest patch is 3 miles long and covers up […]

Celebrations of Hibernations

  A snowy winter finally arrived along the Cacapon River. The first snow that covers the mountainsides and riverbanks never seems to get old. We love going sledding and building snowmen with our families. But how about shoveling all the heavy snow, or waking up to an ice-covered driveway? Or when the below-zero temperatures kill […]

A River By Any Other Name

  Have you heard “Cacapon” pronounced differently? Maybe you’ve even wondered how to say it. Truth is, over the centuries, the spelling and pronunciation of our river’s name have varied. Though the consensus is that the word is derived from the Shawnee language, dozens of variations exist. To-be president George Washington, in his 1732 Journal […]


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