Machine Gun Fire Over Cacapon River in Hampshire County


In the Town of Yellow Spring in Hampshire County, there’s a machine gun range that is shooting machine guns across the Cacapon River, located off of Route 259 just above the Hampshire-Hardy County line. 

The range is called Lost River Shoot, and it has set up a large-scale machine-gun range on a 900 acre parcel of land on the Cacapon River—with nothing to stop the bullets from hitting trees along the riverbank and passing across the river to the other side.

We believe paddling on the Cacapon River in Yellow Spring near or passing this gun range is dangerous. The range is located on the Cacapon River between the CAPON LAKE and the YELLOW SPRING public river access points. Please avoid this float trip—or use extreme caution at the very least. 

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Cacapon River Polluted in Capon Bridge, WV

The Waste Water Treatment Plant in the Town of Capon Bridge, West Virginia, was malfunctioning and releasing pollution—in the form of alarming levels of fecal coliform, discolored effluent, excess chlorine, and floating solid waste—directly into the Cacapon River for almost two years. At one point, the levels of fecal coliform were 300 times the allowable limit, causing many to fear for the health of the Cacapon River and the safety of those who swim, fish, and kayak in the river.

Over the past two years, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued the Town of Capon Bridge eight violations for this pollution. In April, DEP filed a lawsuit against the town to force it to comply with its environmental regulations and improve the water treatment plant in a timely manner. 

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