Celebrate Your Extra Light

When time is precious and fleeting, we should all relish the longest day of the year.

The summer solstice has historically been revered by countless cultures near and far, old and new. In centuries past, bustling ancient societies faithfully paused to acknowledge and honor this day.

Yet, in our “modern” age, too many of us are forced to scurry through our lives, monotonously checking off items on our relentless to-do lists—only to refill them again and again. Such a lifestyle often demands that we choose between obligations and relaxation and between routines and dreams. 

After living on the Cacapon River for more than a decade, I’ve heard time and time again of how people are drawn to our river to escape the chaos of these daily obligations and to exhale and recharge after stress-filled weeks. Toward this end, we all have sought out—and found solace in—the unique beauty and stillness that the Cacapon River embodies.

Now, once again, the year’s longest day is upon us! Following suit of those who came before us, we should celebrate our extra sun-filled time today and spend it doing at least one thing we love rather than the several we need to finish.

With this ancient spirit in mind, my hope is that you can also carve out time in your busy day to pause and acknowledge that our river is clean, that it’s largely free of the issues that plague our nation’s rivers, and that it’s healthy enough to nurture both free-spirited adventures and bountiful wildlife. We are undoubtedly lucky to be stewards of this amazing river and watershed!

So on this longest of days, use your extra light wisely—remembering that the colder, darker days of winter will arrive long before you’re ready.