River Stories

In 2022, The Friends of the Cacapon River sponsored a 6-part newspaper series appearing every 2 months about the people along the Cacapon River, and their love for the river. FCR Board member Peter Wood traveled the Cacapon River watershed to interview a diverse group of folks living and working along the river. The articles were originally published in the Hampshire Review, Morgan Messenger and Moorefield Examiner.

Keeping Cool in our Trout Streams (Ryan Cooper)

River Life with WVDEP (Alana Hartman)

River Life: Volunteers Step Up (Adam Broad) 11/09/2022

Newspaper Article about Broad Family volunteers on river

Hay, It’s River Time (Terry Lynn and Steve Bailes) 10/19/2022

Newspaper Article bout Bailes Family

River life: Along the Cacapon at Stoney Creek Store, 02/23/2022

Stoney Creek

River life: Along the Cacapon at Rudolph Farms, 04/11/2022

Rudolph Farms

Life along the headwaters, 06/15/2022

Neil Gillies

Someone Ott to get those tires, 08/10/2022

Eva and JIm Ott Tires