River Stories

In 2022, The Friends of the Cacapon River sponsored a 6-part newspaper series appearing every 2 months about the people along the Cacapon River, and their love for the river. FCR Board member Peter Wood traveled the Cacapon River watershed to interview a diverse group of folks living and working along the river. The articles were originally published in the Hampshire Review, Morgan Messenger and Moorefield Examiner.

River life: Along the Cacapon at Stoney Creek Store, 02/23/2022

Stoney Creek

River life: Along the Cacapon at Rudolph Farms, 04/11/2022

Rudolph Farms

Life along the headwaters, 06/15/2022

Neil Gillies

Someone Ott to get those tires, 08/10/2022

Eva and JIm Ott Tires