Cacapon River Stewardship Guide

A beautiful 20 page Cacapon River Stewardship Guide was created in 2019 by The Friends of the Cacapon River. Thanks to a generous grant the WVDEP Stream Partners Program, this guide is available in both digital and print copies. It contains many great tips, photographs and helpful information for those who own or care about land in the Cacapon River watershed.

Click the image above to view/download the digital edition.

To receive a print edition, email [email protected]. Please provide your mailing address.

Water Reporter

Friends of the Cacapon will use the Water Reporter app as a critical tool in support of our Keep the Cacapon Clean campaign.

Water Reporter users join an online community of individuals and organizations working to map and protect their local water resources. Developed by Chesapeake Commons, this mobile application for Android and iPhone has been deployed nationwide in dozens of watersheds as a way of crowd-sourcing geo-referenced images of waterways, and reporting water quality threats in real-time.

water reporter Logo
Water Reporter Iphone demonstration

Get Started

  • Download Water Reporter to your smart phone.
  • Create your personal account.
  • Join the Friends of the Cacapon River
Get WaterReporter on the App Store

Submit Reports

Open your Water Reporter App

Tap on the “Start a new post” icon

Camera Icon

Add the photo of trash and confirm location

Hashtag Icon

Share with hashtag

Important Tips

  • Select/Share with the Friends of the Cacapon River on your post before sending
  • Show the trash clearly in the photo
  • Once you’ve tagged it, bag it. Carry out the trash once you have created the post.
  • Download and Share our campaign cheatsheet in PDF or Graphic (PNG) format!